Michael and the crew of the ISRV Olive Branch search the universe for a new home after the death of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Genre: Sci-Fi


Finished: Ongoing

Status: Active


"Pray the gods don't hear you"

Plea is a silent experimental comic done mostly through my perspective and comic work classes at the academy. 

Genre: Fantasy

Started: 2012

Finished: N/A

Status: Hiatus


Seeing ghosts isn’t a gift, and Caddie Armont avoids them as much as  possible.  But when a string of brutal murders strikes her small town,  Caddie is forced from her comfortable life into assisting the  international paranormal bureau, the Spectres.

Story: MazzieMay

Art Director: ShannonSketches

Lead Art: DeadKoi|Stephanie Merrill